Livvy’s 1st Seizure

While I wouldn’t normally write a blog about something like this, I felt it was almost my duty as an MLD parent to share our story. Even the upsetting or sad parts. Because MLD is so rare some doctors have never even heard of it. And oftentimes it’s the other MLD parents who I get the best information from. Because they have been there done that and know what works (and what doesn’t). The amount of information on the internet regarding Metachromatic Leukodystrophy is alarmingly small.

So in case there is another parent in my shoes looking for answers, I wanted to share another part of our journey. Today, Livvy had her first seizure. I say first because seizures can be common in MLD children and once they happen they are more likely to reoccur.

This morning when we went to get her out of bed, we found she had thrown up and was actively having a seizure. I rushed to get the Diazepam (Valium) and as our doctors instructed gave her 10mL to stop the seizure. It took anywhere from 15-30 minutes for it to stop. We got her all cleaned up, and stayed by her side talking to her until she was able to fall asleep.

In the meantime, I had also called Hospice of the Valley who had a nurse on their way (aptly named Angel) and called both of our mothers, who rushed over.

Hospice took her vitals, which were normal. Said we did all the right things and the nurse called the doctor to get his thoughts. He initially recommended Attivan but we had tried that with Livvy before simply for anxiety and she did not like it at all. Was very uncomfortable. So we asked to just remain on Diazepam, which they thought was fine.

While they were here we also called the girls’ neurologist Dr. Vinodh Narayanan. He got back to me after Hospice had left and recommended we first get an EEG to check activity before deciding on a plan. He also recommended a nasal spray form of Diazepam (which I can’t remember the name of now but will update the post once I get it). This comes in two bottles, each 5mg. Use one bottle in one nostril and if it doesn’t stop the seizure you use the other bottle. He recommended this since it can be more quick acting than administering Diazepam through her G-Tube.

After we got off the phone I also sent him a video of Livvy mid-seizure. It’s terrible to have to take a video of your child while they’re undergoing something so traumatic but it came in handy and was important for our doctor to fully understand what was happening and decide the best course of action.

From the video, he thought it looked like she was having an epileptic seizure; a complex partial type, rather than a grand mal convulsion. Based on that he recommended we start anti-seizure medication right away but still get the EEG done (which can be done here at home) and use Diazepam when they do occur.

The Hospice doctor suspected that her immune system may have been weakened by a viral infection which lowered her threshold for seizures. Given that we were all sick last week (not from Covid) and she threw up again later in the day we think he was right. We had hoped since it had been a week we had done enough to keep her clear of it but unfortunately not. And as is the case with MLD kiddos, anytime they get sick their disease progresses (another reason we have still been semi-quarantining and taking extra measures to keep the girls safe and healthy).

Since the seizure Livvy can no longer move her left arm or control facial movements. Things that would normally make her smile so big (like talking about her baby sister Keira) don’t get a reaction. And it almost seemed as if she realized she couldn’t do it and got sad and almost started crying. I told her it was OK and that sometimes after seizures we can’t move like we used to but it can come back. As I have now learned post-seizure paralysis can be temporary. So we will see how it goes in the days ahead and keep everyone updated.

Love from the Rileys. ❤

Livvy resting after her seizure.

9 thoughts on “Livvy’s 1st Seizure

  1. Oh my sweet Kendra – you are such a fantastic Momma and dealing with this has to be stressful – I truly pray that you can get some rest – I love you all so much and only wish I could live closer to help out. Praying that the seizures stop and for God to help her with her pain – love you❤️❤️❤️


  2. I pray your blog will be a great help to others who have children with MLD. The picture you shared is so sweet and she looks so peaceful. Sweet girl…. God bless you all.


  3. Our hearts go out to Livvy , she is so precious, we pray she will be able to smile again. We are glad you have hospice and are able to get good advice along the way. Prayers surround all of you to have strength for each day…sending love your way Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy


  4. Kendra, you do not know me, I am Mikes aunt.
    I just have to tell you you and your family are fantastic people. I so admire all of you. Jackie has kept me up to date on all your happenings. You have a wonderful family. Give your 3 girls a big hug from Aunt Sue and I will keep all of you in my prayers.


  5. My prayers are with you all. I wish there was more that I can do for you, but I will continue to pray every day for sweet Livvy and the rest of the family.


  6. My name is Sarah and Im mother to Vilma 3 years old. She also has MLD, got her diagnosis I January this year. From January to now she has lost all her abilities and we have been noticing that she has start to have small seizures lately. I just wanted to say hi and that we are very grateful that your family share your story, it’s like you write not so much info on the internet about MLD. So sad to hear about seizure, hope that Livvy can smile soon again❤️❤️❤️


    1. Thank you Sarah! She is back to smiling, and on anti-seizure meds so we will see how things go. Always sad to hear of another child in Livvy’s shoes but ahould you ever need anything we are here! Sending you hugs from Arizona this holiday season! ❤


  7. Hi Kendra,
    I’m just catching up on this. Midazolam is the nasal medication. We use it for Lindy and it works wonders. What anti-seizure med did they put Livvy on? I’m hoping Keppra since it has proven to work the best for MLD kiddos although there are exemptions.

    So happy her smile has returned. I was going to comment that it could be just a post seizure thing but I guess you figured that out.

    It’s really time for you all to catch a break! I’ll be praying for that. Sending you all huge hugs and wishes for a better new year!


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