Saving Jana

Every time I hear about another family with a newly diagnosed child with MLD I feel nauseous. The same feeling I felt for literally months after receiving Livvy and Keira’s diagnoses. And this week I learned about Jana Tourjee, a 6-year old vivacious little girl from New Jersey who was diagnosed with the juvenile form of MLD, who was promptly approved to receive treatment with gene therapy in Minnesota and then just as promptly denied coverage by their insurance – Aetna.

6-year old Jana Tourjee

If only it was Blue Cross Blue Shield who has now covered two cases for gene therapy, our Keira and sweet Celia Grace

While we have a team of supporters in the MLD community fighting for Jana behind the scenes, she needs everyone’s help. In one week, they need to raise $300,000.

The Tourjee family is now in a literal race against time, just as we were last year to save Keira.

Were Jana not to receive treatment, this very rare genetic brain disease would begin to destroy the protective fatty layer (myelin sheath) surrounding the nerves in the central nervous system and then aggressively take away motor function and other abilities. She would then potentially pass at 12-14 years of age, the average life span for children with the early juvenile form of MLD.

To help the Tourjee family save Jana, please donate at their GoFundMe page here:

And, should you have a contact within the executive team at Aetna. Please contact them. Share this story. Share our story. Gene therapy should be covered by all insurance companies. The up front $300,000 would literally save them millions should they leave this disease untreated.

For more information on MLD, visit or

The Tourjee family.

11/24/2021 UPDATE: I just heard from Jana’s Mom, Jen Tourjee, and Aetna just APPROVED the treatment!! We have goosebumps over here and hope this ripple effect from Blue Cross Blue Shield will lead to a quick FDA approval and the opportunity of a long life for so many more children!

4 thoughts on “Saving Jana

  1. Can you reach out to Humans of New York?? He is often able to raise this much money for people in just a few hours! He focuses on families all over the world!


    1. Hallo, mein Name ist Hanne. Ich lebe in Deutschland. Die kleine Jana ist die beste Freundin meiner Enkeltochter , in Amerika. Ich kenne dieses kleine, entzückende Mädchen und ihre Familie persönlich. Die Diagnose von Jana war für uns alle ein großer Schock! Dass sich jetzt auch noch die Krankenkasse weigert, die Behandlung von Jana zu bezahlen, macht uns traurig und wütend!!! Wir spenden gerne und von Herzen für Jana und hoffen ihr damit helfen zu können.


      1. That is so kind of you. It is such a terrible thing to have happen. We hope to help as much as we can as well! She, like all of these kids with MLD, deserve the chance at normal life.


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