Day 32 in Isolation

Dave has officially settled in at the hospital and Keira is as happy as can be! She hasn’t needed a transfusion (for hemoglobin or platelets) in five days, which is amazing, and she is well on her way to a quick recovery – albeit with 50% less hair. We are so relieved she is doing well and back to eating and drinking on her own. Her weight has also stayed steady, at around 10.6 kg, this whole time, which was something I was concerned about when we started this process.

Today, the doctors said if her neutrophils rise as they should she may even get to come home next week! Yay!

Meanwhile, on the home front, we have had a busy few days with Eva and Livvy and I have loved it!

We ate lunch outside at one of our favorite restaurants, made origami hearts and Halloween decorations with Eva, played dress up with Livvy, went for a walk to see all the fall leaves and horses that live next door, completed a puzzle with Eva, walked down the street to wave at Dad and Keira in the hospital room, played at the playground, and danced in the rain!

5 thoughts on “Day 32 in Isolation

  1. Love all the pictures of this beautiful and brave family! So happy Keira is doing so well and hopefully will be home soon!


  2. I’m so happy to hear all this wonderful news – what a great blessing for you all – enjoy your time with the girls – love to all❤️🎈❤️


  3. I love all the pictures, thanks for all the sharing. So glad things are going well, Livvy is such a beautiful ballerina, looks like Eva is happy and so precious. Not to mention daddy’s girl, with her wonderful smiles. Great to see your Mom and Mike. Your working hard at bringing a normal life to the girls, all of you are doing an amazing job..continued prayers for smiles and Keira to get to come home soon. Sending love Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy


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