We Made It!

It’s officially happening! Today, we landed in Milan, Italy to begin Keira’s gene therapy treatment!

Every step of this journey has been truly unreal. But to be here now, it has sunk in. We made it!

And we made it thanks to all of you who have supported, prayed, donated and sent us all the good vibes.

I know the next 5 months will not be easy for Keira (or all of us) but it will all be worth it when we can see her run, jump, spin in her dresses and talk in sentences. I hope she talks our ears off for the rest of our lives!

Every Mom knows the relentless “Mom! Mom! Ma! Mommy! MOM!” when kiddos are trying to get your attention and I am so excited for that!

Eva (our oldest who is 5 years old) of course does that daily (and yes, it can sometimes drive me crazy) but MLD has given us an entirely new perspective and appreciation for literally everything in life. Especially in relation to our girls. They are our world and every moment is precious.

So, what’s next? Hopefully we can sleep a little bit while we quarantine for 2 weeks! And on Monday just Dave, Keira and I go to the hospital to begin the process by discussing the treatment plan with doctors and doing a bunch of testing (bloodwork, EKG, xray, MRI, you name it). It’ll be a busy week. And we can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. I don’t personally know you but With a grateful heart I join you in your excitement. Continually praying for the family and Keira. And Olivia.


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